Vitamin C Gel Cleanser/ Gently Removes dirt, Make-Up / Lightening / Anti-oxidant - Silvana Miracle Handmade Natural Skin Care

Vitamin C Gel Cleanser/ Lightening / Repairing

  • $ 36.00

Vitamin C Gel Cleanser

Healthy skin starts with a clean skin, this  Vitamin C Gel cleanser gently removes  dirt, make up. It's brightening , repairs skin from environmental damage. Skin will feel clean and fresh, healthy and  glowing skin. Non Drying.

Organic and Vegan Skin Care
100% Toxic free, cruelty free, paraben free, fragrance free, gmo free

Hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic.

Ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Fuleric Acid, Aloe Vera, Rosehop Oil, Jojoba Oil.